Best Ethereum Wallets For Android

What Are Ethereum Android Wallets?

Android crypto wallets allow users to easily store and manage their digital currencies. Ethereum, in terms of trading volume, is second only to Bitcoin, and is compatible with pretty much every Android wallet out there – not to mention that Ethereum wallets have the most downloads out of any other crypto Android wallet.

Best Ethereum Wallets for Android:

There are several premium Ethereum Android wallets out there, each with its own set of unique features and benefits. Let us discuss the six best Ethereum android wallets and what they have to offer.

1. Trust Wallet:

Trust is perhaps the leading Android wallet for Ethereum, not to mention that it is also compatible with pretty much every ERC20 token. The wallet allows users to receive, send, and store, not just Ethereum but also a number of other cryptocurrencies. It is a highly reliable wallet, and getting acquired by Binance in 2019 further helped its credibility. Trust Wallet is available for both Android and iOS users, and it is an excellent choice for both beginners as well as seasoned Ethereum traders.

2. Bread wallet:

This wallet is compatible with a number of ERC20 tokens, as well as other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. The Bread Wallet’s BRD app enables users to connect directly with the crypto networks and store their wallets. In addition, you can safely use your android device to access your digital currencies through the wallet. Bread wallet provides a private key to every user, which can be used to recover the wallet through a passphrase or a seed. You can visit Profit Maximizer for more details regarding bitcoin trading.

3. Coinomi:

This multi-currency Android wallet has an easy-to-use interface, making it a fine wallet choice for those just starting off in the crypto world. Coinomi is an HD wallet, which means that it allows users to retain their private key ownership – not to mention that the wallet also has recovery and backup features. Since you do not need to provide any personal information to sign up for the Coinomi wallet, you can be assured that your identity is not vulnerable.

4. Jaxx Liberty:

Another excellent Ethereum wallet, Jaxx Liberty has both Android and iOS versions. With Jaxx, you can gain complete control of your private keys and digital currencies, allowing you to access the assets according to your requirements. In addition, Jaxx’s high level of security enables users to safely receive, store, and send cryptocurrencies. It is also easy to use, which means that even rookies can operate Jaxx Liberty without any troubles.

5. Atomic Wallet:

Atomic Wallet is a highly popular Ethereum Android wallet, and is receiving positive reviews from pretty much every user. Thanks to its straightforward interface, it is considered one of the most user-friendly Android wallets and highly suitable for amateur traders. Atomic Wallet is rated very highly throughout the crypto ecosystem, especially since it is capable of storing several cryptocurrencies simultaneously. Users of this wallet receive a unique PIN, which they can use to manage all your cryptos together.

6. Arax:

Arax makes use of near-by-future and GPS to enable its users to receive, send, and store various cryptocurrencies including Ethereum. You receive a master password that lets you access every private key. Moreover, Arax also allows you to conduct instant currency exchanges.

Final Word:

Ethereum is enjoying a rapid increase in popularity and volume, which means that more and more users will require a digital wallet that will help them effectively trade, store, and manage the currency. We hope that the Ethereum Android wallets discussed in this blog will allow traders to choose a wallet that best suits their needs.